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Here at Tampa Steam Team, we are ready to help boost the health and appearance of your home with professional tile and grout cleaning in Valrico Florida!

We offer professional residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning using our high powered tile cleaning equipment and our proven multi-step tile and grout cleaning process. Cleaning your tiles routinely is an important step to extending the life of your tile and grout and is extremely beneficial to the cleanliness and health of your home.

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Types of Tile and Grout Cleaning We Offer

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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

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Grout Cleaning

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Bathroom Tile Cleaning

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Shower Tile Cleaning

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Kitchen Tile Cleaning

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Grout Sealing

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Pool Deck Cleaning

Let us help keep the tiles in your home or business sparkling clean!

Ceramic tile and grout flooring is very popular here in Florida. There are so many designs and colors to choose from that tile and grout can be the foundation of any great decor. For the most part, is it easy to keep your tile floors clean with the correct products along with regular professional tile and grout cleaning. We can help you by cleaning your floor tiles, grout, shower tiles, kitchen tiles, and pool decks! Dirt can even change your grout color, so we offer grout sealing services to keep your grout looking clean even longer!

Got stains? We have solutions.

With our specially formulated cleaning solution, we can handle any stubborn stains on your tile and grout. Dirt and residue can collect in your grout lines, leaving them discolored and dirty. Our Valrico tile and grout cleaning equipment provides a powerful, deep clean leaving your tile and grout looking and feeling new again! We even offer tile sealing services in Valrico to make sure your tile floors last for years to come!

Reviews from Our Happy Customers

See what others are saying about our professional Tampa tile and grout cleaning service.

Horace W.
“I would recommend Tampa Steam team for your flooring needs, very clean, on time and the process of estimate to completed job was outstanding.”
Gary C.
“Very professional, probably the best carpet cleaner we have ever had Definitely will use again and refer to others.”
“Julian was very pleasant and professional… Mike was great and professional too. Highly recommended this company.”
Rick A.
“Great experience. On time, great job, great price!!! Highly recommended. Julian was very professional.”

Our 6-Step Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Step 1:

First we will walk through your home or business to address all of your concerns and to identify spots so we can approach them with knowledge and care. We look for problem areas such as possible topical sealers, damaged or cracked tile or grout, and cleaning residue build up.

Step 2:
Protect & Sweep

We first take the time to protect your cabinets, woodwork, stainless steel appliances and carpeted areas using plastic and painters tape. We also sweep or vacuum the area to remove any dust or debris on your tile and grout.

Step 3:
Apply Solution

We apply a safe cleaning solution that will break up the soils, oils, and cleaning residue on the tile face itself and into the grout. We do apply it very liberally so that your tile floors don’t dry and the soils stay suspended in the tile cleaning solution.

Step 4:
Agitate & Scrub

We use a variety of tools to scrub the tile face and the grout lines to help the cleaning solution to break up more soil. We also use grout brushes, scrubbing hard to reach places as well as corners and edges.

Step 5:
Fresh Water Rinse

Our tile cleaning machine uses hot water to blast away dirt and soil. Think of it is as an indoor pressure washing machine contained in a cleaning disc so the dirt, soil, and cleaning solutions are immediately extracted for a no-mess deep tile and grout cleaning.

Step 6:
Speed Dry &
Grout Sealer

We use special floor drying fans that force high volumes of air directly at your tile floors. These fans dry your tile floors faster so you can enjoy them more quickly. We also provide the option of grout and tile sealing to keep your tile floors sparkling longer!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it worth getting tile floors professionally cleaned?

Getting your tiles professionally cleaned is worth every penny because professionals come with the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done thoroughly, while protecting your tile and grout in the long run. Unlike DIY tile cleaning, professional Tamapa tile and grout cleaners can deep clean your tile floors properly, remove stains, and apply soil and stain protectants to your tile to guard your tile from future stains and keep your family safe from bacteria in your floors.

How do professionals clean tile and grout?

Professionals like Tampa Steam Team clean tile and grout using safe cleaning solutions and high powered tile cleaning machines that blast away dirt and soil with extremely hot water.

How do you deep clean tile floors and grout?

Tampa Steam Team deep cleans tile floors and grout using safe cleaning solutions and high powered tile cleaning machines that blast away dirt and soil with extremely hot water.

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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning in Valrico
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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning in Valrico
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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning in Valrico
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning in Valrico
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