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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Bloomingdale

Your Local Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Bloomingdale | 50¢ Per Sq.Ft

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning is only 50 cents per sqft!

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Types of Hardwood Floor Cleaning We Offer

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Trusted Cleaning Service For Wood Floors

Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are important weekly steps to take to upkeep your hardwood floors, however, just like other types of flooring, hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned periodically. Not only is it important to clean your floors for cosmetic appearance but dirt, sand and other allergens get trapped in between the cracks. Vacuums do not have the same capability to extract the unwanted debris as our professional equipment.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Reviews In Bloomingdale

Check out some of the Tampa Steam Team reviews from local residents!

Horace W.
“I would recommend Tampa Steam team for your flooring needs, very clean, on time and the process of estimate to completed job was outstanding.”
Gary C.
“Very professional, probably the best carpet cleaner we have ever had Definitely will use again and refer to others.”
“Julian was very pleasant and professional… Mike was great and professional too. Highly recommended this company.”
Rick A.
“Great experience. On time, great job, great price!!! Highly recommended. Julian was very professional.”

Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Bloomingdale

Protecting the investment of the flooring in your home and office building or property are important. Not only is protecting your investment a great idea, but clean flooring can be a part of your home or companies image. Here are some benefits of our hardwood floor cleaning service:

Improves Your Indoor Air Quality – Just like any floor, hardwood floors and the cracks between them collect all the germs, bacteria and alergens from our shoes. Regular hardwood floor cleaning removes the dust, allergens, and germs from the floor, preventing the spread into the rest of your home.

Happier Staff & Employees – Studies show that a clean home and or work environment boosts peoples morale and production. Having your hardwood floors cleaned and refinished regularly can help to keep everyone feeling good and productive.

Reduce Sick Days – As mentioned, hardwood floor cleaning helps to lessen the amount of dirt, germs, and other contaminants on the surface and cracks of your hardwood floors from the home and working environment. Not only will your family and staff be happier but regular cleaning helps to reduce sick days as well.

Protecting Your Investment – Replacing hardwood floors can be very costly. Maintaining your hardwood is better for you financially long term. Our hardwood floor cleaning maintenance plans will dramatically extend the life of your hardwood floors.

Our 6-Step Bloomingdale Floor Cleaning Process

Step 1:

First, we will walk through your home or business to address all of your concerns and to identify spots so that we can approach them with knowledge and care. We look for problem areas and cleaning residue build up.

Step 2:
Protect & Sweep

We first take the time to protect your cabinets, woodwork, stainless steel appliances and carpeted areas using plastic and painters tape. We also sweep or vacuum the area to remove any dust or debris.

Step 3:
Auto Scrub

We use our hardwood floor auto scrubber to clean your floor extensively. The scrubber uses our proven hardwood floor cleaning solution with hot water to extract dirt and debris from the surface and cracks.

Step 4:
Neutralizing Scrub

We use our auto scrubber along with our neutralizing solution which helps restore the pH of the wood. This step will also remove any contaminates left on the floor.

Step 5:
Floor Refinishing

If you choose to, you can protect hardwood with floor refinishing to leave your floor looking shiny and new.

Step 6:
Speed Dry

We have special floor drying fans that force high volumes of air directly at the floor. These fans help to dry your hardwood floor faster so you can enjoy it more quickly.

Frequently Asked Hardwood Floor Cleaning Questions

What does it cost to have hardwood floors cleaned?

The Tampa Steam Team offers hardwood floor cleaning service for only 50 cents per sqft! If you’d like to protect hardwood flooring, we also offer hardwood refinishing to leave your floor looking shiny and new.

Is it worth getting hardwood floors professionally cleaned?

Getting your hardwood floors professionally cleaned is worth every penny because professionals come with the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done thoroughly, while protecting your hardwood floors in the long run. Unlike DIY hardwood floor cleaning, professional Tampa hardwood floor cleaners can clean your hardwood floors properly, extract dirt and debris from the surface and cracks, and apply soil and stain protectants to your hardwood floor to guard your wood from future stains and keep your family safe from bacteria in your floors.

How often should hardwood floors be professionally cleaned?

We recommend getting your hardwood floors cleaned annually to keep them looking clean and free of build-up and dirt on the surface and in the cracks.

  • Bloomingdale Hardwood Floor Cleaning by Tampa Steam Team
  • Bloomingdale Hardwood Floor Cleaning by Tampa Steam Team
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